Why Your House Won’t Sell Itself – Even in a Seller’s Market

How to ensure your home sells quickly

Don’t assume that because we’re right in the middle of a seller’s market; your home will simply sell itself. Buyers are smarter today, have more tools to work with, and they’re not going to settle. They’ll happily move on to the next house knocking the dust off their feet along the way! But you have the power to display your home like the showcase it is.

Here are some simple things you can do right now to put your beautiful home at center stage!

List Your Home at the Right Price

Buyers aren’t very forgiving when it comes to homes that are grossly over-priced. Like I said, they’ll laugh and keep it moving. You need to price your home according to the market in your immediate neighborhood.

That means, pricing based on what has already sold recently in your neighborhood. If your home is listed 15k higher than any other home in your neighborhood; then there better be a reason that’s worth 15k more! And in almost every case, there isn’t. If your home does fall into that rare category; we always recommend getting an appraisal done on the front end. This way you can confidently show prospective buyers what your home is worth.

Make Sure Your Home Has Curb Appeal – Not Curb Repel

Just like we appreciate a beautiful presentation on our dinner plate, making us want to dive in fork first – the outside of a home is no different. Good curb appeal draws a potential buyer inside. Overgrown shrubs, dead grass, dull exterior paint on the walls and/or your front door, and a cracked or fading driveway are all indications to buyers that the inside might be worse.

Continue The Appeal Throughout Your Home

Now that you’ve set the bar high with your stellar curb appeal, don’t let your buyers down with the interior. Making simple updates to the interior of your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or break the bank. Here are 3 simple ways to impress buyers to make an offer:

  1. Make small but impactful updates like refreshing the interior paint and changing any outdated fixtures. These easy changes make a big difference to buyers. Remember, any sign of wear or neglect will give the impression to buyers that there may be more they can’t see.
  2. De-clutter by removing any unnecessary or over-sized pieces of furniture that may hinder the flow of traffic in your home. Also, remove your family’s personal clutter such as mail and paper-work by placing out of sight. Get a jump start on your moving by packing away all unnecessary items (especially up high and down below) in all closets to allow buyers to see there’s more than enough room for all their stuff. And finally, pack away family photos and other memorabilia that keep buyers from seeing themselves in your home.
  3. Stage each room carefully to show buyers how to use each room. For example, if you have an odd room that doesn’t flow with the rest of the house; stage it to visually tell buyers why that room is a great feature to the house. Also, if you currently use a room for an unusual purpose, you may want to stage that room to show the most common use.

Be Flexible with Showings

When you are selling your home, it increases your chances of getting a contract when you are open to showings as they are requested. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a life while you’re selling your home, but being open to last-minute showings whenever possible prevents you from missing out on a possible offer.

To keep the stress down with showings, it helps to keep mess and clutter under control on a daily basis. Keeping mess hidden in nice, covered baskets such as a hamper for dirty clothes keeps the mess in the room but out of sight. This prevents the last minute clean up before showings.

If you’re ready to sell your home, there’s no greater time than a seller’s market! To get more information on how to sell your home and get the listing process started click here.